Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If Iggy and the Libs are Hot to Trot, Harper's Gov't Could Fall Week of September 14

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Why should Ignatieff wait for a scheduled vote of non-confidence the week of September 28th, when there is another confidence matter before the House during the first week of its return? If Ignatieff and the Liberals are so hot to trot to defeat the government, why not use the following opportunity, reported by CTV News, "Liberals will move to topple Harper government", which says:

"However, a vote on the ways and means portion of the budget is scheduled for one fo the first days after Parliament resumes on September 14, ... , which means the opposition could bring down the government at that time."

Greens, we are going to find ourselves in a fall election, possibly before the end of summer. We need to start forging ahead. EDA’s, get those candidates nominated. Central Party: get those candidates recruited in areas where there are no EDA’s.


John Ogilvie said...

Very canny analysis, Steve. Fun that all this happened in your backyard.

Ignatieff has just wrapped his arms around the LPC and jumped off a cliff. The self-destruction of the LPC opens up a lot of space for smaller parties like NDP and GPC. In the long term.

In the short term, ouch.

Sudbury Steve said...

So, here’s some comprehensive analysis from today’s Globe & Mail regarding how we could end up with the Writ being dropped on Sunday, September 20th, instead of early October. Looks to me like game-playing writ large. But having said that, I can’t see how Ignatieff could back down now by voting for the ways and means bill. Perhaps there might still be a way to engineer putting off a vote on this until later? Does anybody know?

Otherwise, prepare for Day One of the Campaign to be Monday, September 21st.