Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Conservatives Must Take Action Against Racist, Homophobic Candidates In Their Party

I think some serious questions need to be asked about Tanya Granic Allen, Doug Ford and the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (see: "Doug Ford distances himself from former leadership rival Tanya Granic Allen over tweets on Muslims, gays," the Toronto Star, April 9, 2018).

The Globe and Mail reports that Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne said, "The Conservatives will have to decide … how they will go forward, but that kind of behaviour, that kind of language, that kind of attitude I believe has no place in our society.”  Ontario NDP leader reportedly indicated that "it was disappointing to see someone with views “that can be described as racist and homophobic” seeking public office." (see: "Ex-Ontario PC leadership hopeful Granic Allen under fire for online comments on Muslims," the Globe and Mail, April 10, 2018).
Dr. David Robinson, the Green Party of Ontario's nominated candidate for the Sudbury riding (the riding that Ford is visiting tonight for a pre-election rally), had this to say about the Ford/Granic Allen situation with the Conservative Party earlier today:
"Allen has compared women in burkas to “bank robbers” and “ninjas” and questioned gay marriage. Maybe Allen really is racist and homophobic, as the critics suggest. Maybe she is simply pandering to racist and homophobic fears. Maybe she is Mary Poppins in disguise. It doesn't matter. Ford gets to decide if her publicly expressed views are acceptable to his party.
"This matters.
"Ford is the leader of the party. Allen put him there. If she is elected, there is a chance that she will become the Deputy Leader of the Big Blue Machine. If Ford forms a government she will have a say in selecting cabinet ministers. She may well be the future of the right wing in Ontario. She my be the future leader of the Conservative Party of Ontario." (see: "STATEMENT TO THE MEDIA from Sudbury Green Party Candidate Dr. David Robinson on Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen," Dr. David Robinson, Facebook, April 11, 2018).
Knowing that Granic Allen held these hate-filled, racist and vile beliefs, would any other political party ever have allowed her to seek the nomination and become a candidate to represent their party on the ballot? There is no way that she would ever have made it through a political party's screening.
And yet the Conservatives did just that. She's seeking her Party's nomination in Mississauga-Centre - a must-win riding for the Conservatives, as it represents the sort of suburban area that the PC's have to breakthrough in if they're going to form government. You can bet that because of election calculus, the Conservatives will be backing the candidate in this riding to the hilt with all of the money they can spend.
Worse, though - the Conservatives actually let Granic Allen seek their Party's leadership. The Party brass actually had to get together and make a decision about this individual, knowing what kind of views she held. If you thought they made a mistake allowing Patrick Brown back into their leadership race after his resignation as Party leader - ask yourself if allowing known racist Granic Allen into the race wasn't an equally bad, or worse, decision.
Sorry, Doug Ford - you don't get a pass on this one. As Party leader, you're answerable to the public - and frankly to your Party - about the vile behaviour of your candidates and their public statements. If you continue to sluff this off, clearly you're not the leader that many think you are. Or are you giving Granic Allen a pass because you share her views?
(opinions expressed in this blog are my own and should not be interpreted as being consistent with the views and/or policies of the Green Parties of Ontario and Canada)

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